Those Before Us

This page is a work in progress and not yet complete.  Below is information presented to the congregation in June of 2015 in honor of 50 years in our current church building.

Genealogy is a major hobby of mine.  Figuring out that St. Elizabeth’s was coming up on its 50 year anniversary in this old church building got me to looking around and wondering who was here before us.  I started looking around at items in the church.  There are items with inscriptions of people who passed away many years ago.  There are items with inscriptions of people who passed away relatively recently. Given that I had only been at St. Elizabeth’s for two years at that time, my major focus was on the long forgotten or never known items.

Several people who knew recent histories began presenting information on many many many things within the church.  I do hope that we can pull all of that information together at some point.  I did try, but it quickly became well beyond my ability to go talk to the dozens of people I was told would know the history of this or that. I do have some information on more current donations to the church, but it is limited and nowhere near organized.  Supposedly there was a book with this information Rev. Ragsdale made, but it is missing.  If anybody wants to take on this project or further this project, I am sure many would appreciate it.  I am happy to give the information I have found out.  In the meantime, this is information from my research of old, with much appreciated support from Doris and Donald as noted.  – Lori Morris


Window Plaque:

Near the west facing windows is a small plaque, found by Valdilene.  It is in memory of Mr. and Mrs. George Chalker.  Please see the link below for pictures and history.

Window plaque


Bell on Altar:

There is a bell on our altar with the name Donald Paul Shockey and the year of 1942 on it. Donald made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in WWII.

2 page .pdf on the bell and Donald’s service: Bell

Further information (will take you to Wikipedia)


Candlestick Bases:

Lucy Seymour Hatch died in 1867, a true Colorado pioneer.  Please see the link below for pictures and history.

Candle Bases


Processional Cross:

Alice Johns Porter was born in 1880 and died in 1906.  Please see the link below for pictures and history.  Scroll down to the second page when you open the link.

Processional Cross


1892 Prayer Book:

This prayer book had a few owners.  When I came up pretty empty on researching this item, Doris and Donald kindly stepped in and did some further research.  Please see this two page .pdf for pictures and history.

1892 Prayer Book