Lenten Series

Our Lenten observance each year revolves around Wednesday evening programs that run the six weeks leading up to the Wednesday of Holy Week.

Each program combines Evening Worship, a light soup supper, and a book study.  Our worship uses different forms of Evening Prayer and Compline services, concluding with Tenebrae on the Wednesday of Holy Week.

For Lent of 2016, we studied Greg Garrett's My Church is Not Dying:  The Episcopal Church in the 21st Century.  Greg's witness to the Church's life in his book inspired us to launch the Brighton Laundry Love ministry in April, 2016.

For Lent of 2017, we chose C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, hearing a few letters each week.  Lewis' insight into the foibles of humanity is in full display as the conversation continues between Wormwood, a novice Demon who has been assigned to capture the soul of his first "Patient."  His uncle and mentor, Screwtape, is a senior Demon who dispenses advice (and insults) in each of 31 letters.

Rather than simply reading the Screwtape Letters in print, we listened a radio drama version that features the vocal talents of Andy Serkis (the voice of Gollum/Sméagol in the Lord of the Rings film series) as Screwtape, supported by a cast of other characters.  

For Lent of 2018, we decided to "go deeper" spiritually, selecting Margaret Guenther's Walking Home:  from Eden to Emmaus.  Margaret Guenther was an Episcopal priest, writer, spiritual director, and teacher.  She founded and led the Center for Christian Spirituality at the (Episcopal) General Theological Seminary in New York City.