Laundry Love 2.0

Where:  St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church
76 South 3rd Avenue

When:  Last Saturday of Each Month
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

What:  Laundry services provided by
The Laundry Truck
from our partner, Bayaud Enterprises.
Additional services here at the Church.

Why:  To share God's love.
We help our neighbors to start each month with clean clothing.

Laundry Love is a ministry that originated in Ventura, California with a homeless man named "T-Bone" (Eric).  When asked what would help him that would matter, he replied, "If I had clean clothes, I think people would treat me like a human being."

From that encounter sprung a loose affiliation of local ministries that share the goal of reaching out to serve the homeless and impoverished nationwide.  At last count, there are over 250 Laundry Love ministries, of which we became the third in Colorado.

St. Elizabeth's became aware of Laundry Love from Greg Garrett, who spoke and presented his recent book, My Church is NOT Dying:  the Episcopal Church in the 21st Century at the 2015 Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Church in Colorado.  That book was the focus of our 2016 Lenten Book Study, and we recognized that this is a ministry that can be easily offered by small congregations like our own.

After 18 months at a nearby laundromat, we needed to find a new venue for this ministry.  Bayaud Enterprises of Denver operates The Laundry Truck, which serves the homeless in central Denver.  We have encouraged them to offer that service here at St. Elizabeth's, which will allow us to complement their work with hospitality and additional services in our own space. 

We are still a small ministry, but we have gained traction within the Brighton community and we have been blessed to bring God's Love (and clean clothes) to our neighbors in need.

The best is yet to come.  We invite you join us in making a difference.