Christian Formation for All Ages

Christian Formation is a life-long process. It takes various forms at different time in our lives.

At St. Elizabeth’s, we take this need seriously despite our small numbers.


Sunday School

Our children are our future.

At this time, we have only a handful of school-aged children, but we have been blessed with a wonderful teacher and friend for them. We invite other parents and “elders” of St. Elizabeth’s to round out our offering.


Adult Formation Series

In addition to the Lenten Book Study on the Wednesday evenings following Ash Wednesday through Holy Week, our Sunday morning Adult Formation Series provides a combination of Bible Study, Spiritual Development, and Theological Reflection upon topics of interest.

Bible Study: Acts of the Apostles

Starting in September, 2018, Fr. Bill will provided a guided tour of the Acts of the Apostles, with ports of call in the related Epistles and the various traditions of the Church as we become more familiar with the development of the early Church and how it informs us today.

Spiritual Development

As the Sunday morning group progresses, we will explore various spiritual practices that complement our worship and study.

Theological Reflection

The outside world often impinges upon our formation as Christians. We must learn to think theologically (something deeper than “WWJD?”) as we wrestle with sometimes-contentious topics.

Our first excursion was to inform ourselves prior to the October election of the XI Bishop of Colorado. We began by providing an understanding of the mechanics of the election (from the outset of the search process to the elections itself and through the Consecration and Ordination by the Presiding Bishop in the spring), after which we must step back to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our discernment.